Commitment to production areas

Rouque pearls are special pearls harvested from a "new species of shellfish" that has never been seen before among Japanese pearls.

Because it has a nacreous layer with overwhelmingly beautiful colors compared to other pearls, it is characterized by its beautiful brilliance with a lustrous seven-colored light.

Relationship between pearl size and shellfish

Japanese pearls are cultivated not only in the famous Ise Shima, but also in Ehime (Uwajima), Nagasaki, Kumamoto, etc. Ehime and Nagasaki actually produce more.

Rouque pearls are from Uwajima, Ehime Prefecture.
It is carefully grown in a calm bay surrounded by mountains.

Akoya oysters, which have been used to cultivate Japanese pearls, are small in size, so it is quite rare to find pearls larger than 9.5mm.

On the other hand, the white pearl oysters and black lip oysters used for cultivating foreign pearls are large, so it is possible to obtain pearls as large as 20 mm in diameter.

In other words, the powerful and large pearls are mainly those grown overseas, but the beauty of the pearl is not just the size.

The four seasons of Japan that create the beauty of pearls

The beauty of pearls is determined by the number and density of nacreous layers called "maki".

Japan has four seasons, so from autumn to winter, the nacreous layer is tight and dense, and in spring and summer, the nacreous layer grows, giving it a lustrous surface and interference colors (light color) that are not found in overseas pearls. The result is a pearl with a special beauty that has the effect of changing color depending on the action.

If the mother-of-pearl is thin, the impression is vague, but Japanese pearls shine sharply like a freshly polished window due to the overwhelming precision of the mother-of-pearl.

In addition, it has a strong ability to push back light, so the impression changes completely in the morning, noon and night, and you can enjoy it with endless surprises every time you look at it.

Rarity of domestic pearls

The beauty of pearls is also greatly influenced by the natural environment.

Due to the rise in water temperature due to global warming and the mass death of shellfish in 1997 (heishi: many shellfish died at once) due to a virus, the production volume has decreased to less than two-thirds, and there will be damage from a new virus in 2021. it is continuing.

Due to changes in the natural environment, the amount of production has drastically decreased, and pearls that are not beautiful to begin with (the rolls are thin and the layers are not arranged properly) have been forcibly processed into poor quality products.

Due to the thinness of the winding, the number of pearls that fade or break in just a few months continues to increase. It was the oldest fish farm in Uwajima, Ehime.

Birth of a “new shellfish” that shines in seven colors

We have newly developed a new type of shellfish called "Beniakoya-gai (registered trademark)". I succeeded in making a pearl with nacre.

Of course, since the material is beautiful, there is no need for excessive processing, and the maximum beauty of pearls lasts for a long time.

Jewelry for everyday use

Pearls are an item that is often worn as a pre-wedding tool rather than as a piece of jewelry that makes your heart flutter. It is not often used, but if the "roll" is thick and dense, it is durable enough to not fade even if you use it every day.

In addition, Rouque's pearls, which are particular about gray color and unique shape (baroque), which are easy to use in everyday life, do not have "boring design" or "hard to use with a formal atmosphere".

You can use the beautiful real thing generously with casual clothes, so it is also attractive that the cost performance is overwhelmingly good.

outstandingly beautiful

Rouque pearls are characterized by their beautiful brilliance, which makes it easy to tell, "Ah, this is our pearl," even when placed side by side with other pearls.

The seven colors of glossy light add light to your face, so you can wear it anywhere with confidence, as if you have "My Light", it will make your face look bright and beautiful. I can.

We hope that you will take a look at the brilliance of the special pearls raised in Teshio at the oldest farm in Uwajima, Ehime.